Geelong Heritage Centre Archives

The Geelong Heritage Centre holds all kinds of records on over 1.8 kilometres of shelving in environmentally controlled storage spaces.

Most records are paper documents and bound volumes, but we also hold various artefacts and uncounted thousands of photographs.

Geelong Record Series Catalogue

Most records in the archives or Geelong Record Series (GRS) have been described at item level. These itemised lists can be viewed in the reading room but first you need to access the GRS catalogue and note the GRS numbers of records you would like to look at.

Microfilmed and digitised records

Many archival records have been microfilmed and digitised as part of large scale projects in order to preserve the integrity and condition of original material. We also do not photocopy original handwritten or bound archival material, so we offer popular items in other formats which are easy to print from.

Please search the catalogues below to discover what kinds of records the Geelong Heritage Centre holds to assist you in your research.

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