We strive to provide advice or assistance where possible to all residents and business owners to help manage graffiti.

Ultimately it is the property owner's responsibility to remove graffiti from their own buildings.

In response to increasing community concern, we adopted a graffiti policy in 2001.

The key to the policy is partnerships between the City and all sectors of the community including:

  • Victoria Police

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Community Development

  • Department of Justice

  • Youth Services

  • Other key stakeholders

Policy outcomes

A Graffiti Working Group and a Graffiti Team have been formed to manage graffiti effectively in Greater Geelong.

As one of the largest municipalities in the country, the City of Greater Geelong covers some 1200 square kilometres of rural, coastal and urban areas: each area with its own challenges. One of the principles underpinning our policy is to recognise that there are different ways of addressing graffiti issues in different communities.

In developing the graffiti policy we have taken the very best of previous approaches and research. We continue to look for innovative solutions as well as the tried and tested. The problem of graffiti cannot be solved by government and legislation alone, it is only through support from all sectors of the community that can we successfully reduce graffiti.

We have been overwhelmed by enthusiasm and support from the community - from individuals and a wide range of groups and organisations. Together we are working on solutions to make Geelong a city with minimal graffiti.

Benefits of managing graffiti

Our aim is to:

  • provide guidance and an integrated framework to manage and minimise the impact of graffiti.

  • support and advise the community on graffiti management as well as provide graffiti removal kits whenever possible.

  • work with:

    • other organisations and government agencies to educate the community on graffiti issues.

    • young people who wish to engage in legitimate Aerosol Art with City Aerosol Network (CAN) which complete a number of murals throughout the City on an annual basis.

Graffiti tag register

We keep a register of the 'tags' on a shared database between Council and Local Police.

Murals on private property

When you are asked if you give permission to have someone paint a graffiti mural on your property, you must be aware that you need a planning permit for murals.

This is to make sure that the content of the mural is appropriate for your area and that there are no objections from the people living nearby.

Our Graffiti Team Leader is available to assist you.

Graffiti removal

We are responsible for graffiti removal on all Council owned properties and assets.

Graffiti removal on private and commercial property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Graffiti removal kits

Free Graffiti removal kits are available from any of our Customer Service Centres.

They consist of information on how to prevent graffiti, safety equipment and graffiti removal wipes.

Need to know more ...

Our Graffiti Hotline number - 03 5272 4319 is available during business hours or email (

Page last updated: Monday, 24 October 2016