Local Leaders Advisory Board

These organisations are signatories to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), committing themselves to work together to future proof Geelong.

Signatories are members of the Future Proofing Geelong Advisory Board and provide a key role in promoting FPG, directing priorities and demonstrating leadership.

This partnership is about delivering collaborative projects that achieve the eight key objectives of the MOU:

  • Enhance relationships between local government, state government, community and industry to advance the sustainability of the Geelong region;
  • Engage local industry and community to help implement actions identified in specific sustainability areas, such as the Low Carbon Growth Plan for Greater Geelong;
  • Attract investment and jobs in cleaner technology to the Geelong region;
  • Support Geelong to become a leader in integrating sustainability considerations into key organisational operations (including planning, strategy and supply chain);
  • Reduce duplication and align integrated sustainability (water, waste, energy) activities in Greater Geelong under one collaborative umbrella;
  • Develop Geelong as a showcase of a community transitioning to a low carbon economy;
  • Promote “Future Proofing Geelong” as the primary aggregation brand for sustainability initiatives in Geelong;
  • The City of Greater Geelong commits to work with partners to gather and report on the impacts of collaborative projects that help to future proof Geelong;
  • A Future Proofing Geelong Advisory Board provides strategic direction for projects delivered under the Future Proofing Geelong banner. 

Future Proofing Geelong MOU signatories

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Future Proofing Geelong Founding partners

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