Parent Resources

There are many sources of quality information available for parents of teenagers in our community that address the issue of alcohol.

VicHealth - Teen Drinking Laws

A new resource on the new teen drinking law change has been launched by VicHealth, the Australian Drug Foundation and the Victorian Government. Parents, adults and young people will find practical information about the new law which has come into effect.

Parenting strategies

A team of researchers at Orygen Youth Health Research Centre (University of Melbourne) and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre (Monash University and Eastern Health) have put together a new website (Parenting strategies) to help parents manage the challenging issues that may occur during adolescence, including alcohol and drug misuse, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

This  is a work-in-progress - it currently provides parenting strategies for preventing adolescent alcohol misuse, but we anticipate that in the near future it will expand to address other important issues such as those mentioned above.


The Barwon Adolescent Taskforce (BATForce) is an alliance of organisations in the G21 region with a stake in the provision of services with and for young people. Visit this site to find out what groups are meeting when and what activities are happening for young people, parents or organisations in the region.


Glastonbury provides a range of services to over 2,000 children, young people and families every year. Services include: early years early intervention, counselling, groupwork, community development and support, intensive family support and out-of-home care provided by voluntary community carers and within residential units.

Bethany Community Support

Bethany Community Support offers a broad range of high quality services and programs to families and individuals.


Headspace has been set up to assist young people aged 12-25 and their families access help with experts in a range of areas. The web site has a great knowledge centre which provides quality information to young people and their families.

Regional Parenting

The service provides a wide range of parent education and skills training including programs for schools, preschools, child care centres churches and other mainstream agencies. A monthly parenting article and a quarterly calendar of events are available.


Drinkwise Australia is a not-for-profit, independent research and social change agency funded by the Australian alcohol industry. The web site provides helpful information for parents on the topics of discussing alcohol with your children, peer pressure and setting an example.

Australian Drug Foundation - Drug Info Clearinghouse

DrugInfo Clearinghouse is a program of the Australian Drug Foundation. They provide easy access to information about alcohol and other drugs, and drug prevention. A number of the fact sheets relate specifically to alcohol and parties. Fact sheets are Free but you can also purchase books, DVD’s etc. This site is highly recommended for both parents and young people for the most up to date and accurate information around.

Community Alcohol Action Network (CAAN)

Community Alcohol Action Network aims to raise public awareness of alcohol issues and mobilise the community to take action against inappropriate alcohol use, advertising, promotion, products and supply. If you are concerned about the content of an alcohol advertisement and think it violates advertising codes you can register a complaint through this site.

Victoria Police – Party Safe Program

Provides information about the Victorian Polices Party Safe Program. Enter this site to download the registration form and also find other tip sheets on how to plan a safe party. Please also see the Party Safe section of this web site for more information.

Barwon Youth 

The Barwon Youth site will allow you to browse through details of their service delivery components and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the organisation and it’s programs such as first response.

Keepem Safe

The Keepem Safe website is dedicated to the prevention of alcohol related harm in young people and aims to provide insight, education and a medium for engaging and connecting parents, community and government.

Good sports

Goodsports aims to reduce alcohol and other drug problems increase the viability of sporting clubs and improve the range and quality of sport options available within the community.

Leisure Networks 

Leisure Networks is a community based, not for profit organisation that promotes and strengthens community sport, recreation and health across the Barwon region. Leisure Networks are responsible for implementing programs such as the Good Sports accreditation program. Leisure Networks will be delivering our Barwon Safe Parties Club workshops which aim to work with clubs in regards to young people and binge drinking.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

This section provides information and resources on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Drug Education program. The site has a range of useful material for schools, teachers and parents.


Parentline provides a state-wide telephone counselling service to parents and carers of children aged from birth to eighteen years. The web site provides a number of quick links for community services and also provides all information in languages other than english.

Other recommended resources:

Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs, Paul Dillon In Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs, Paul Dillon a respected front-line campaigner, answers the real and most commonly asked questions about alcohol and drugs.

This book shows parents how to talk to their children in a way that is respectful and reasonable, non-threatening and non-judgmental. It will help them understand the issues their children are facing, and show them how to help their kids negotiate a minefield of misinformation and social pressure in a calm and sensible way to tell them what they really want and need to know about alcohol and drugs.

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