Tree pruning

Our Tree Management Unit is responsible for the pruning of all trees in public areas including parks and reserves, nature strips and street trees.

We undertake a regular tree maintenance program on all public trees. 

We do not prune trees on private properties.

Pruning public trees by residents

We do not authorise residents to perform any pruning works on public trees.

It is an offence for residents to prune these trees.

Should you be concerned about any tree and believe it needs maintenance, please let us know.

One of our Council Arborists will then inspect the tree and discuss the appropriate pruning requirements with you.

Trees in powerlines

Trees growing on public land that are growing too close to power lines can only be pruned by our staff or our contractors.

If trees are growing close to the power lines and are on your property, you will need to contact your Electricity Provider for further information.

Overhanging trees

Overhanging foliage or branches from private properties can be a problem for anyone using our footpaths, nature strips, roads and laneways

When we receive a complaint about trees and shrubs that encroach from private property we inspect the property.

We will send a letter to the property owners if there is a breach involving overhanging foliage, followed by a 'Notice of Compliance' if the letter is not adhered to. 

Residents are responsible for trees and shrubs that encroach from their private land. If you require pruning works to be done you will need to engage a private company to complete the work.

Tree pruning issues between neighbours

We do not get involved in issues of trees and shrubs overhanging other privately owned property.

If an agreement cannot be met between residents you may try:

Common Questions

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Overhanging Foliage Notice - What if I am unable to complete pruning in time?
If you receive a letter requesting pruning of overhanging foliage from your property and you are unable to complete the work in time, please contact our Tree Management Unit directly on 03 5272 4947 to discuss pruning timeframes.

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Overhanging Foliage Notice - What should I do if I receive one of these?
We will send you a letter requesting that you do some pruning if there is overhanging foliage reported on your property. 

If after you receive the letter you still have questions, please contact our Tree Management Unit directly on 03 5272 4947 and we will assist you.

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Tree Planting - Who looks after newly planted nature strip trees?
Council is responsible for maintaining the tree and every effort is made to establish the tree within the first two years after planting so that it can survive on its own.

Any additional watering conducted by residents which are in accordance with current water restrictions is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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Tree removal - Who do I report tree root damage to footpaths to?
If you believe there is tree root damage to a footpath please contact our Customer Service Department.

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