Litter Free Geelong

Friday, 21 December 2012 11:48 AM Media releases

City of Greater Geelong Mayor Cr Keith Fagg has called on residents and visitors to keep our parks, gardens and public areas litter free this summer.

“Our Greater Geelong municipality has some beautiful open spaces for people to enjoy picnics, barbecues, a day on the beach, or just a pleasant stroll. No-one wants to see these spaces spoiled by litter,” said the Mayor.

“We all benefit by keeping these places litter free so I’d like to issue a friendly reminder for people to use the bins provided or take rubbish home if necessary.

“Litter makes an area look uncared for. We know from experience, littered places attract more litter, while people are less likely to litter in clean areas. Take pride in our beauty,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Fagg said litter dropped in streets tended to get washed into the stormwater system, and ultimately pollute local waterways, including our bay and coastal beaches.

“Litter can also cause real problems for local wildlife - animals, birds and fish can become entangled in litter or mistake it for food and ingest it.”

Much of what gets dumped as litter is recyclable, which means these items become a lost resource, going to landfill instead of being recovered and recycled, he added.

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