Dogs on Beaches on the Bellarine Peninsula

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 2:21 PM Media releases

Dog owners on the Bellarine Peninsula are being reminded to check which areas your pet is allowed to roam off their leash over the summer holiday period.
From Tuesday 18 December 2012 until Thursday 31 January 2013, dogs are not permitted from being anywhere along the main beaches at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads managed by the Barwon Coast Committee.
These stretch from west of 13W, Hodgson Street Ocean Street, through to the Barwon Heads Bridge and up the east bank of the Barwon River.
Owners are reminded that dogs are also not allowed in Barwon Heads on the west bank of the Barwon River through to The Bluff and around to 30W, which is the beginning of Thirteenth Beach Road.
Signs are in place along all other areas to let you know where you can and can’t take your pets.
The City of Greater Geelong has developed a handy pocket map called `Walk Time’, which shows where dogs are allowed to walk with or without a leash at various times of the day and year.
The map also highlights the areas where dogs are not permitted and provides information about protected areas along the coastline where the endangered bird species the Hooded Plover is located.
Hooded plovers are small, sandy-brown coloured birds with black heads that nest in sand dunes.
“There are Hooded Plover nesting sites at a number of the Bellarine Peninsula beaches, including Ocean Grove and at 31W which is located along Thirteenth Beach Road in Barwon Heads,” said City of Greater Geelong Mayor Keith Fagg.
“If you enjoy walking your dog along the beach, please stay away from sand dunes, particularly over spring and summer when the birds are nesting.

“There will be signage at known nesting sites along the beach to remind beach goers to avoid these areas.”
Cr Fagg said random patrols would continue to be undertaken along Bellarine beaches.
This is to make sure pet owners are being considerate of all beach users and following regulations.
There are almost 34,000 dogs registered in the greater Geelong region, making it one of the largest dog populations of any municipality in Australia.
Cr Fagg says there were hundreds of walking tracks, parks, beaches and reserves around the region where people enjoyed walking their dogs every day.
“Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to exercise both yourself and your pet,’’ Cr Fagg said.
“Pick up a copy of Walk Time from any of our customer service centres to see where you can take your dog and whether you’ll need to take the leash!”

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