About Council

Geelong is among the largest of 79 Councils which collectively represent approximately 5 million Victorians. While each Council is independent there are common rules, mainly in the form of State Legislation, which provide the framework in which Councils operate.

Our Vision:
Greater Geelong: building our community through enterprise, opportunity and innovation in a quality environment.

Our Mission:
We will focus on developing and maintaining effective working relationships to deliver Council's strategic directions and high quality services that meet the changing needs of our community.

Your Council

Values and Behaviours

We aim to foster a culture that embraces a consistent set of behaviours.

Service Commitments

We've put down on paper the standard of service we aspire to deliver.

Organisation Structure

Our structure is designed to embrace synergies within the organisation.

Recent History

Local Government in Geelong has a very long and interesting history.

Guide to Local Government

How Council's work, how decisions are made, key functions are and how we are funded.

City Statistics

Geelong's population, facts and figure.

Local Laws

Local Laws are council standards and regulations that aim to minimise conflicts, hazards and nuisances within the City of Greater Geelong.


Australian Citizenship symbolises our unity as a nation.

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