To the future of early childhood education

To the future of early childhood education.

Named after a common Aboriginal word for children, the Boorai Centre is at the forefront of early childhood education and was developed after extensive research incorporating current best practice.

Studies continue to tell us that high quality preschool programs pave the way for bright futures and so the design of children centres has shifted over the last five years. There is a growing body of architectural science around how children's spaces should look and feel to encourage optimal learning and interaction.

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Community helps 'Hoodies' get off to a flying start

Hooded Plovers are a special little shorebird that spend much of their time living and breeding on surf beaches along our southern coastlines.

100 days of action from the Mayor

When I was elected I had an eight point action plan to get started. I thought it would take me a year to implement them all but I now realize I have made progress on all of them - Mayor Darrryn Lyons

Lara town centre expansion

The new bowling club opened in November last year, with the old club removed to make way for the new Station Lake Road alignment...

Simonds Stadium - Our home of major events

Simonds Stadium has moved into another league as a major event venue. Council's stadium management team have been working hard to attract new sports and entertainment events.

New battery collection points

Australians buy more than 350 million batteries every year. The majority of these batteries end up as hazardous waste in landfill.


Chook chook chook

Chickens are becoming increasingly popular pets as people see the many positives that come from these sustainable and feathered friends.

Works update

Works around the city

Building works are currently being tendered for the addition of early years services at the Grovedale Community Centre.