Young people are over-represented in road trauma statistics.  

The statewide ‘Fit2Drive’ road safety program offers three programs across Years 10, 11 and 12.

All these programs aim to reduce the number of young people directly involved in road trauma and are offered to all secondary schools across Geelong.

Detailed program information is available on the Fit2Drive website. 

Year 10 Students

At Year 10, VicRoads provides Keys Please program to students within classtime, focussing on the needs of learner drivers. 

These sessions highlight the importance of gaining 120 hours of supervised learner driver practice in a wide range of road, weather and traffic conditions.  Research here and overseas shows that learners benefit enormously from gaining this amount of experience, as it helps keep them and those travelling with or near them safer on our roads.

Schools may book directly with VicRoads on 03 5225 2588 (Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm) and ask for the Road Safety Co-ordinator in your region. 

The Keys Please program in schools is now supported by an online program for parents and anyone providing supervised driving practice for the young people in their life.  This program comprises a series of eight short DVD clips about the processes involved in helping a young person gain their 120 hours and eventually their licence. It's a sensible, logical approach, providing many practical tips to help supervising drivers and parents help their learners through all stages of learning to drive.
Go to the VicRoads website and search for "Lessons From The Road".

Year 11 Students

For Year 11 students, our local secondary colleges can access a half-day Fit2Drive Road Safety Workshop that encourages and equips students with skills and strategies to help them make positive decisions about road safety.
This workshop features emergency services presentations and ‘peer facilitated’ discussion groups and the workshop is designed to be highly relevant to the students, encouraging them to think about various situations that they are likely to encounter.  They discuss a range of circumstances that will require them to make choices that will impact on road safety.

The City of Greater Geelong partners with RoadSafe Barwon to provide funding and coordination of this program. Workshops can be booked by contacting our Road Safety Officer through our Customer Service Team.  

Year 12 Students

At Year 12, students take part in a one hour road safety session known as Looking After Our Mates, that highlights issues around the effects of alcohol and other substances on the body and on driving.

This program emphasises the importance of acting responsibly when celebrating at the end of school and whenever partying with friends. This is an ideal program for Terms 3 and 4 especially, as students are finishing their formal secondary school years.

For further information in regards to these programs contact our Customer Service Team

Car Safety

Used Car Safety Ratings inform us about what level of protection various cars offer a driver or passenger if they are involved in a crash.  This is important information for those wishing to purchase or upgrade their car.

The First Car List - Making sure your first car is safe doesn't mean having to spend a lot of money.  All of the used cars on the list are rated 4 or 5 stars for safety and range in cost from as little as $2,000 up to around $14,000.  This is very valuable information for newly licensed drivers! This list also refers on to the interactive 'How Safe Is Your Car' TAC website that provides the opportunity to explore and compare safety ratings of many types of vehicles prior to purchase.  

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