There are a variety of parking options available throughout the Geelong region.

Whatever your needs, there are parking options available to you.

Parking options include ticketed on-street and off-street parking that is:
  • Short term (up to 2 hours)
  • Medium term (3 hours or more)
  • Long term (all day)

Please note Melbourne Cup Day is not a public holiday in Geelong - usual parking fees and time limits apply.


    Parking signage is provided to facilitate parking turnover for residents and visitors to accessible parking within the Central Geelong Area and immediate surrounds, as well as other high demand areas.

    Patrolled areas

    Council Parking and Information Officers patrol various parking areas to ensure compliance with parking regulations and road rules.

    Where motorists do not adhere to regulations, Penalty Infringement Notices may be issued.

    Permit parking

    We have the following permit parking types:
    1. Residential
    2. Business 
    3. Disabled

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