Councillor Community Grants Program

The Councillor Community Grants Program assists not-for-profit community organisations to provide opportunities that benefit the wider Geelong community. 

Grant Guidelines

View a printable version of these guidelines.

The Councillor Community Grants Program is offered to assist not for profit community organisations in providing opportunities that benefit the wider Geelong community.

We are looking for projects that assist in achieving goals and outcomes consistent with Council's objectives relating to Community Wellbeing, as indicated in City Plan 2013-2017.

We encourage applications that:

  • Demonstrate or promote social inclusiveness.[i]
  • Provide a broad benefit to the City of Greater Geelong community.
  • Respond to, or considers environmental issues/impacts relative to the project/activity.
Eligible groups are required to meet the grant guidelines and complete an on-line application form.

Please contact our Grants Officers on 03 5272 4736 or email to discuss your proposal prio to completing your submission.

Click on the following link to begin your application:

Online Application Form

Funding Allocations

The program has an allocation of $240,000 per financial year divided between the 12 council wards - $20,000 per ward.
For the period July 2012 - June 2013 approximately $240,000 has been distributed among 135 community organisations.

The majority of grants awarded have been for amounts between $500 and $3,000.

Generally only one application can be considered per applicant per financial year.

The Councillor Community Grants Program accepts applications for funding on a one-off basis – it is not an ongoing funding source for a particular project/activity or event.

Assessing Applications

Council staff and Councillors are
involved in the assessment process of grant applications.

Applications are assessed based on the eligibility criteria and on the information provided in the form.

The information provided by the applicant is assessed by rating the following key aspects to determine that the proposal: 

Demonstrates a benefit to the wider City of Greater Geelong community.

Relates to Community Wellbeing Objectives indicated in City Plan 2013-2017.  

Demonstrates or promotes social inclusiveness.[i]

Responds to, or considers environmental issues/impacts relative to the project/activity.

Demonstrates the need for the requested grant funds. 

Includes a well balanced and reasonable budget. 

[i] A socially inclusive society is defined as one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so that they can live in dignity. (Cappo, 2002)

Application Timelines

To assist in planning your project/activity, please refer to the following key dates.

(Please keep in mind to be eligible you must apply before the project has occurred and prior to any payments being made.)
Key Dates for Remainder of 2013/14 Financial Year  
Applications Received Between:   Outcome Advised by:  
  01/07/13 - 31/08/13    30/09/13  
  01/09/13 - 31/10/13    30/11/13  
01/11/13 - 31/12/13 31/01/14
01/02/14 - 31/03/14 30/04/14
01/04/14 - 31/05/14 30/06/14


To be eligible to be considered for funding you need to:
  • Be a not-for-profit community organisation or group operating within the City of Greater Geelong.

  • Be incorporated or a similar legal entity - if your group is not one of these you may wish to appoint an ‘Auspice’ (manager) organisation that does have a not for profit legal status who can apply on your behalf.

  • Provide a well-balanced and reasonable budget and show why there is need for the grant funds.

  • Demonstrate how the project/activity is of benefit to the residents of the City of Greater Geelong.

  • Have not already received funds in the same financial year.

  • Have not received funds for the same project/activity previously.

  • Have not received funds from another area of Council in the same financial year for the same project.

  • Fit within the guidelines and intent of this program.

Examples of the types of eligible projects that may be considered:

  • Projects that promote and contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Geelong community.  For example:
    • mental health awareness initiatives;
    • youth development programs;
    • healthy eating initiatives;
    • programs to increase exercise, etc.
  • Set-up costs associated for the establishment of new community groups.


  • Community workshops/information sessions.


  • Minor equipment purchases essential to the project/activity (for example: safety equipment such as first aid kits; overhead projectors; hearing loop systems).


  • Projects that involve minor works such as the installation of shelving, purchase of sun shades or blinds, purchase and installation of an oven or air conditioner subject to relevant permits and approvals.


  • Some community events such as events that celebrate a significant milestone or anniversary (on a once only basis) subject to relevant permits and approvals. As Council has a range of event funding programs, you need to choose the relevant funding program to apply under - please contact the Grants Staff on 03 5272 4736 to discuss your funding options.


The following activities and groups are considered ineligible under this grant program:
  • Applicants who have not provided an Evaluation/Acquittal form to the City of Greater Geelong for any previous funding received from Council. This includes organisations that have acted as an auspicing body.

  • Organisations with outstanding debts or arrears to the City of Greater Geelong.

  • Individuals, businesses, commercial or profit making entities.

  • Organisations that are not incorporated or are a similar legal entity. You may wish to appoint an incorporated body to auspice (manage) your application. 

  • Operational or core funding eg. staff salaries, general administration costs, routine/ongoing maintenance, programs or activities that could commit Council funding on an ongoing basis.

  • Organisations that have received funds from this program in the same financial year. (some exceptions may be considered where an Auspice organisation is involved, please check with the Grants Staff)

  • Projects/activities that have previously received funding from this program – (consideration to fund an activity more than once may be given if a significant rationale/benefit is provided – however funds are generally provided on a once only basis).

  • Requests for retrospective funds (ensure that your project or event has not commenced, been paid for or has been held, prior to your grant application being submitted).

  • Projects that have received support from another City of Greater Geelong funding program.

  • Activities that take place outside the City of Greater Geelong.

  • A new building, major capital works that or ongoing facility maintenance works.

  • Prizes or awards and exclusively fundraising events.

  • Funding for Council services where fees are normally charged eg. Council rates; waste removal; building or planning permit fees; parking fees, etc.

  • Involvement with organisations that engage in unlawful activities.

  • Activities that are directly sponsored by gambling businesses.

  • Engagement in activities which promote discrimination, violence or anti-social behaviour.

  • Activities aimed at promoting political views (including protests).
  • Projects that fit the eligibility criteria of another Council funding stream (eg:  An event eing held for seniors during the Victorian Seniors Festival month - should apply under Council's Seniors Festival Grant Program; a Community Arts project that fits the criteria for the Council's Community Arts Grant Program should apply under that stream - Details of some of Council's funding programs are provided in council's can be found on Council's website under
    • Grants/Funding

    Permits and Approvals
If you are applying for a Community Event or if you are applying for funds that involve any alterations to land or buildings (inside or out) you may need a permit or approval.

For grants that involve events or works to buildings (inside or out) please ensure you provide evidence of the following:
  • Relevant approvals and permits.

If you are planning an event, please refer to our Events Planning Guide.  Approval in writing from both the property owner and manager for any works to be done.

If the land or building is owned and/or managed by the City of Greater Geelong, you must discuss your proposal, in advance of submission of this application and commencement of any works.

If you are unsure of the process of gaining approval, or whether or not you will require approval or permits, please contact the Grants Staff on 03 5272 4736.

(Please note, often even the installation of an air-conditioner or shelving may require an approval or permit)

Other Funding Programs

You may wish to consider some of our other funding options:


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