Children's Week 2014

Children's Week in Geelong represents one of the largest community celebrations focusing on young children. This year, Children’s Week will take place from Saturday 18 October to Sunday 26 October 2014.

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Children’s Week is an international event designated by the United Nations, and celebrated annually in the fourth week of October The week is designed to celebrate and promote the unique contributions that young children make to our community, and focus community attention on the needs and issues associated with early childhood.

For further information please contact:
Angela Baum
Early Childhood Development Officer
Phone: 03 5272 4816 (Monday or Tuesday)

Applications are now closed

Purpose of the City of Greater Geelong Children’s Week Grants

The City of Greater Geelong Children’s Week Grants Program aims to support community activities that contribute to the celebration of Children’s Week across the municipality, and support the participation of children and their families in relevant programs, events, and activities held during Children’s Week.

Small grants are designed to assist not-for-profit community groups and organisations to deliver one off activities that celebrate Children’s Week, and promote opportunities for children, families and the local community to participate in a range of relevant activities and events.

Children’s Week Grants

Not-for profit community groups and organisations located within the City of Greater Geelong can apply for financial support to assist with the cost of a Children’s Week event or activity. Eligible organisations and community groups may only apply for one City of Greater Geelong Children’s Week Grant per financial year.

Unfunded events:

Some organisations do not require funding, but would like to hold an event during Children’s Week. In this instance, the event must be scheduled specifically for Geelong’s Children’s Week in order to be advertised and promoted in the Children’s Week program.

How Much is Available?

Grants of up to $350 are available to assist organisations with the costs associated with holding a Children’s Week event. For larger events and activities, additional financial assistance may be available.

Subject to the number and nature of applications received, the amount of funding offered maybe less than requested. If this occurs, there is no obligation for the applicant to proceed with their event and they will be given the option to withdraw.

Who Can Apply for a Council Children’s Week Grant?

Applications are invited from not-for-profit community groups and organisations located within the City of Greater Geelong. Community groups and organisations need to demonstrate the following in their application:

  • Capacity to undertake the activity outlined in the application and for which a grant is being sought.
  • Appropriate insurance cover including Public Liability (applicant must either have their own insurance or be covered by another auspice organisation)
  • Be an Incorporated Association or similar legal entity. Alternatively groups and organisations that are not incorporated are eligible to submit an application under the auspice of another incorporated organisation with a registered Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Only organisations located within the City of Greater Geelong are eligible to receive funding.

What Can You Apply For?

Applications are invited for the following types of activities:

  • A one off program, project, event or activity that specifically targets young children aged between 0-12 years and their families.
  • The program, project, event or activity must occur within the dates specified for Children’s Week 2014 and be located in the City of Greater Geelong.
  • The main focus of the event must be celebrated and promoted as a Children’s Week activity.
  • Demonstrated maximum involvement by children, families, and the local community in the project, event, activity, or program for which the grant is being applied.

What Will Not Be Funded?

Please note that the following items CANNOT be funded

  • Organisations and/or events that are held outside the City of Greater Geelong.
  • Programs, events, and activities that are not held within Children’s Week (this does not preclude however events that may have commenced prior to or following Children’s Week but still have a significant focus during Children’s Week; eg program launch, art show, etc)
  • Projects or activities that commit future Council funds or require ongoing funding.
  • Capital works projects and/or equipment purchases.
  • Commercial and for-profit enterprises including events and activities that have a primary fund raising or marketing focus. Funding of trophies and prizes are also not eligible.
  • Groups and organisations that are not incorporated or similar legal entity. Groups and organisations that are not incorporated maybe eligible for funding under the auspice of another incorporated organisation or community group.
  • Staffing costs and salaries (the costs associated with one-off entertainers and service providers engaged as part of your event are however eligible).
  • Administration costs associated with the normal business requirements of the organisation.
  • Private individuals.
  • Early childhood services and primary schools for activities that are curriculum based or routinely occur within education programs.
  • Services and organisations that are the responsibility of other levels of government or other Council Department.
  • Groups or organisations that have debts outstanding to Council or where reports and/or acquittal requirements relating to receipt of a previous grant have not been submitted.
  • Groups or organisations unable to demonstrate a history of sound financial management of public funds.

How Are Applications Assessed?

The following assessment criteria will be used to assess all applications:

  • Maximum involvement of young children, families, and local community.
  • Demonstrates clear aims for the activity and outcome benefits for young children.
  • Capacity to successfully deliver the activity and meet conditions of funding.
  • Evidence of appropriate planning and available resources.
  • Reflects innovation, good practice, and appropriate use of Council (public) funds.
  • Provides opportunities for inclusion by children with additional needs and diverse cultural participation.
  • Evidence of partnerships in local planning and community support.
  • Number and range of events, programs and activities to be held during Children’s Week within the locality.

Applications should ensure that all aspects of the criteria referred to above are addressed.

When Can You Apply?

Applications for the 2014 Children’s Week Council Grants are now close.

Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the outcome of their application by the end of June 2014.

Conditions of Council Children’s Week Grants

Community groups and organisations receiving a Children’s week Grant must ensure:

  • Activities programs or events are delivered within the dates specified for Children’s Week 2014.
  • Provide details for the promotion of the program, event or activity in the Geelong Children’s Week Calendar and advertising distributed by the City.
  • Activities arising from the grant allocation must take place within the City of Greater Geelong and provide a direct benefit to children, families living in the City of Greater Geelong.
  • Applicants (or their Auspice) must be ‘not for profit’ groups and abide by their Rules of Incorporation and Articles of Association with regard to the use of funds.
  • Projects must be managed through a legal entity such as an Incorporated Association.
  • Successful applicants must sign a Funding Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant and return the Funding Agreement, by mail, to the City of Greater Geelong for advance payment.
  • During the project period Council officers may request meetings to check on progress.
  • Funded groups are required to recognise the City of Greater Geelong as a funding source on all project and publicity materials. (Please contact the responsible Council officer to obtain the relevant logo and to ensure that the City sights and approves proofs of materials prior to production).
  • Unauthorised use of the City of Greater Geelong logo on other material will result in the organisation being ineligible to apply for further grants.
  • Copies of ‘products’ produced as a result of grant must be provided to the Council.
  • Funded groups will complete an evaluation process for each grant. This must be completed as soon as possible following the conclusion of the project, event, and activity. The group will be ineligible for any further grants if this evaluation process is not completed. An expenditure statement will be required within the evaluation process.
  • Funds made available through this grant are to only be spent on the activities described in the application.
  • Funded groups must seek advice from the City of Greater Geelong before making significant changes to the implementation of the project, event or activity.
  • Allocated funds are to be expended within the same financial year in which they have been receipted. Any unspent funds are to be returned to the City unless otherwise negotiated and approved in writing.
  • Accurate financial records of the recipient organisation must be maintained and made available to the staff of Council in the event of any further audit by Council into the use of the grant. Council officers may request meetings with the Applicant to check progress during the period of the activity, or undertake an independent audit of the books and records of the Applicant.
  • The City of Greater Geelong is not responsible for meeting any shortfall should the project run over budget.
  • Council, its servants or agents shall not be responsible at any time for any liabilities incurred or entered into by the recipient organisation as a result of, or arising out of that organisations responsibilities under the Funding Agreement.
  • The recipient organisation shall release and indemnify the Council, its servants and agents against any claim, demand, liability suit costs, expenses, action arising out of, or in any way connected with the activities of the organisation or agents in consequence of the Funding Agreement except where the claim, demand, liability, costs or action by the Council or its servants or agents.
  • If the event/program is to be held on Council property, approval must be sought from Council through the relevant department/s.
  • Ensure they do not enter into any contracts and/or agreements until they have received written confirmation that the grant application has been successful and the requisite agreement with Council has been signed. Organisations will be fully liable for any financial obligations that may have been entered into beyond the conditions of the grant agreement with Council.

Important Grant Information

  • The application for the grants process opens Monday 12 May 2014 with all applications due by 5.00pm Friday 6 June 2014.
  • Only one application maybe submitted from each community group or organisation.
  • Grant application forms may be lodged by email, fax, online or mail by the due date.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Announcement of successful applications is final and no further discussion will be entered into once applicants have been advised on the outcome of their application.
  • Grants are inclusive of GST.
  • All relevant sections of the application form must be fully completed. Incomplete applications will be ineligible to receive funding.

Making An Application

Applications are to be made on the form provided. To be eligible for assessment, applications must be fully completed and address the key assessment criteria referred to above.

Additional information and documentation required with your application should include the following

  • Copy of a current Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Applicants that are not a registered Incorporated Association must attach a letter of support from a nominated incorporated auspice organisation and community groups.
  • Current audited statement of income & expenditure, balance sheet, or financial report as presented at the last annual general meeting.
  • Any additional material in support of the application such as letters of support or photos.
  • Certificate of currency for public liability insurance is essential which covers the proposed event or activity.
  • If an event is being held in a Council owned or managed facility, it is the responsibility of the organiser to seek Council approval for the event, apply for all required permits and ensure that all relevant legislation is complied with. Please use the Council event planning guide to a assist with planning a safe and successful event. A Risk Assessment plan may also be required to be submitted once an event has been approved for funding.

Childrens Week

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