Home and Community Care

Aged and Disability Services is a Home and Community Care (HACC) service provider. 

The Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides a range of support services to people who are experiencing difficulties in managing daily tasks, but who wish to continue living at home.

Our services

We can work with you to develop a plan that will support your goals, and help you to maintain an independent and active lifestyle.  Your plan is tailored to you depending upon what you need.  We will listen to you to find out what you can do for yourself and what you would like to keep doing.

Sometimes you may only need our support for a short time while you get back on your feet.  Or the type of support that you may need can change over time as your circumstances change.

You may have a family member, friend or advocate with you, when our staff visit to talk about how we may be able to help you.

Home care

The purpose of home care is to maintain a safe, secure, healthy home environment to enable frail older people, people with dementia and younger people with disabilities (who are eligible through the National Disability Insurance Scheme - NDIS) to live independently at home and in their own community.

We provide house cleaning services appropriate to your level of physical functioning and cultural preferences and your needs are reviewed on a regular basis.

Personal care

Personal Care services are those tasks which a person would normally do for themselves but because of illness, disability or frailty they are unable to perform without the assistance of another person.

Services may include assistance or supervision with:

  • Bathing, showering or sponging

  • Dressing and undressing

  • Grooming

  • Toileting

Care assessments 

To establish eligibility and level of need, an assessment will be conducted in your home.

You may have a family member, friend or advocate present at the assessment.

A care plan or service delivery plan will be developed in consultation with you and your family.

During the assessment we will safety check your home and any equipment to be used by our staff.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, your home is our workplace. It is your responsibility as the occupier of the home to provide, as far as reasonable, a safe working environment for workers coming into your home.

You will be provided a list of tasks that our community care workers can perform and those tasks that they are not permitted to undertake.

Diversity of need

We acknowledge the diverse needs of the community and we are committed to ensuring that where possible our services meet your specific requirements.

We endeavour to ensure services are equally available to all clients regardless of race, religion, culture, language or geographic location.

HACC target group

The HACC target group encompasses ‘older and frail people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities, younger people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities, and their unpaid carers’. 

Eligibility means that the person is assessed as being in the HACC program target group. Eligible people are then prioritised for service provision. Services funded by the HACC program are provided to people within the target group after the person has been assessed and their level of need prioritised.

Eligibility for services is not based solely on age, but on the level of difficulty a person experiences in carrying out tasks of daily living.  Activities of daily living include personal care, dressing, preparing meals, house cleaning and maintenance, and using public transport.

Eligibility does not confer entitlement to service provision. Services may not be able to be provided due to other people being assessed as a higher priority or resources not being available. 

We regularly reassess and prioritise existing service users.

Priority of access

Services are only provided to people in the HACC target group subject to assessment for eligibility and level of priority.

Overall, the HACC program targets its services to people who have the greatest need and/or capacity to benefit from them.  Services are provided where they would not otherwise be available through self-provision, carer and family support or another government program.

Priority is assessed in the context of a person’s usual living environment and available supports, in comparison to other eligible people.

You have the right to appeal and in the first instance you may contact us by phoning 03 5272 5272.

Factors such as the person’s relative needs and the capacity of the Council's HACC program to respond with existing resources may mean that services cannot be provided even if the person is eligible.

Our staff

Our work is guided by Council's values of integrity, responsibility, innovation and respect. 

We have friendly, qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated to help you maintain your quality of life and independence.

All our staff and volunteers also have a current National Police Check for your safety and peace of mind.

Allocation of staff

We will allocate a team of Community Care Workers to complete the agreed services.

Where possible we try to limit the number of staff attending your home. We do, however, recommend that when a relief worker is offered due to staff taking leave this be accepted.

For further information please complete the feedback section below.


The fees for service are very reasonable and are worked out based on your income and are in line with the HACC Fee Schedule.

'My Aged Care' changes take effect July 2015

From July 2015, funding for Home and Community Care services for those aged over 65, will become the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government. Further information about the Commonwealth Government's aged care reform can be found at My Aged Care.

For information on the current Home and Community Care (HACC) Program transition, please access the Department of Health (Victoria) website.

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Common Questions

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Aged and Disability Services - Can I have other people present at my initial assessment?

A family member, friend or advocate can support you at your assessment visit.

Refer to the related information on Your Right to Advocacy.

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Aged and Disability Services - Do I need a Doctor's referral?

Referrals are accepted from Doctors, yourself, a friend, a family member or Advocate. 

If you believe your are eligible to receive Home and Community Care Services you can Request a Home Assessement online or contact our Intake Officer on 03 5272 4677 to make an appointment for an assessment.

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Aged and Disability Services - What are my rights and responsibilities as a client of Home and Community Care Services and Ancillary Services?

Please refer to our Client Rights and Responsiblities information page.

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Aged and Disability Services - What happens to my private information?

We have a policy in place to protect your privacy.

Please view the Information Privacy and Health Records Policy for more information.  This policy is available in English and many other community languages.

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Aged Care Services - Who is eligible?

If you are frail, elderly, have a disability, or an acquired brain injury, you may be eligible for Home and Community Care  Services.

Your eligibility will be assessed during a home visit.

You can request a home visit online.

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