Clever and creative

The community's view of a clever and creative future.

  • has business diversity that inspires a broad range of education and employment opportunities

  • attracts start-ups, innovative businesses and a can-do attitude

  • uses a variety of affordable technologies to provide universal digital access

  • makes travel between suburbs easier through a network of pedestrian and cycle paths

  • excites local and international visitors who are interested in its events, festivals, landscapes and food

  • is designed to create an active street

  • has a strong sense of community and uplifts its vulnerable community members

  • is designed around people and makes the best use of technology and sustainable living

  • is devoted to research and encourages economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible solutions to its challenges

  • has a global outlook and is connected to the world by technology

  • recognises the uniqueness and significance of its natural environments.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 1 August 2017