Contracts and tenders

We advertise tenders for a range of works and services within our municipality on a frequent basis.

Information regarding any tenders that may be advertised can be viewed on our website.

Tenders advertised cover a wide range of works and services relating to Council operations such as: 
  • Works - Civil works, Engineering, Building and Construction etc
  • Services - Consultancies, Plant Hire, Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance etc
  • Supplies - Goods and equipment such as Stationary, Protective clothing, Grounds Maintenance materials, Playground equipment etc


We have established an e-Tendering website (TenderLink) to provide our suppliers easy access to a range of tendering services associated with our tendering program.

TenderLink is a comprehensive guide to our tender program, as well as providing users with the ability to download relevant documents and submit information online.

TenderLink assists suppliers with receiving, viewing and clarifying tender documents as well as submitting tenders to us online.

For all TenderLink issues please contact TenderLink on 1800 233 533.


Tenderers are to note that Councils City Hall Tender Box is no longer operating. Tenders must be lodged by electronic mail into the electronic tender box.

Tender registrations can be viewed on the Tenders - recently closed page.

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