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A Local Government devoted to helping you- it’s Business community

Big, Micro, Fashion, Law, Manufacturing, Waste, we don't mind- we want to see you succeed, to make Geelong the best place to do business.

While delivering projects that grow and diversify the economy, we also work one-on-one with businesses and people with a business idea. Our ‘open door policy’ means you always a listening ear in council. Give us a call- we will arrange a time to meet you on site.

business support

How we can help you in business

We have the benefit of access to the latest of economic data and local insight to help you make the right investment desicion. We can help with:

  • Business Facilitation
  • Land & Building identification
  • Networking & referals
  • Local Knowledge and
  • Advocacy

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business visit

Business Visits Opportunity

This is how we learn the ways we can better help you. We will spend an hour with you to hear about your business. We want to hear about the opportunities and challenges your facing so we can better serve you.

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business contacts

Get connected!

In Geelong there are countless ways to be connected and supported. Check out these organisations to build your network.

Geelong Chamber of Commerce is devoted to Geelong businesses of all types and sizes. Special membership packages available for sole traders and businesses under 10 employees.

BNI meets regularly for deliberate and effective networking.

Geelong Young Professionals is a passionate network of Geelong's brightest up and coming entrepreneurs.