About Council

Geelong Council is elected to provide leadership and good governance for the municipality and the local community.

Geelong is among the largest of 79 Councils which collectively represent approximately 5 million Victorians. While each Council is independent there are common rules, mainly in the form of State Legislation, which provide the framework in which Councils operate.

Council meetings

Meetings times and locations, agendas and minutes and how the meetings work.

Organisation structure

View the the City of Greater Geelong division, department and unit structure.

Contracts and tenders

We advertise tenders for a range of works and services within our municipality on a frequent basis. including

Policies and governance

Governance ensures our decision making is transparent and accountable and that our operation is democratic and well managed.

Local Laws

Information about local laws in our municipality.

Reports and documents

All our reports, strategies, annual budgets and other documents from current and past councils.

Interim Administrator

More about your interim administrator.

Service commitments

We've put down on paper the standard of service we aspire to deliver and, view or values and behaviours, complaints and requests for service.